Hello again, world!

I have needed a new website for some time. A lot is happening in the domain world in some areas, and not enough in other areas, and I needed to be part of the conversation again. I think I have something to add.

I blogged pretty regularly between 2000 and 2007, almost daily most of those years. I retired from blogging just about the time you could actually make a living at it. I wrote mostly about ICANN, mostly about domain name policy. Over the last ten years my focus has changed. I’m still interested in domain names, but now more from a business point of view. I care a lot about how domain names are actually used by companies and individuals. I am interested in increasing the value of domain names to end users. I’m curious about why people register, or choose not to register, domain names for their business and personal uses. ICANN policy is important, but it’s less interesting to me at this juncture of my career. I won’t shy away from the occasional post about domain policy, but that won’t be what I write about most often.

If you know me, you already know that I work for Uniregistry. Our company exists in a competitive marketplace. I won’t be breaking news here about what we are doing, and I won’t be talking much about what any specific company in the industry is doing. Instead, I’ll be focusing on industry trends, observations about domain name usage, and the sort of “rising tide” concepts that can float all participants in the domain name marketplace.

I’m especially excited to launch this blog in the .link top-level domain. I helped write the application for .link, nurtured it through the ICANN application process, worked with a great team of people to bring it to the world, and I smile every single time I see a .link domain name in the wild.